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Welcome to the team :)

At Waikato Orthdontic Centre, we love to smile and we love to see our patients smile too. Meet the team who’ll be smiling with you every step of the way along your orthodontic treatment journey.


Dr Ali 

Ali has always been proud to call the mighty Waikato, home. Having started WOC in 2012, it has now grown to become one of the Waikato’s busiest and most popular specialist orthodontic clinics. Ali prides himself in providing state of the art orthodontic treatment utilising the most up-to-date scientific literature and techniques in a professional, efficient and honest manner. Ali aimed to create a friendly enjoyable environment for all clients coming to the WOC, which is why today, our main source of referrals is through word of mouth from satisfied clients.


As well as his passion for orthodontics, Ali is a big sports fan as well as a busy family man. Most of his time outside of clinic is now dedicated to his wife and 3 little girls.


Dr Reggie 

Originally from Suva, Fiji, Reggie completed his under-graduate training in dentistry at the Fiji School of Medicine, during which he received several academic awards and was the college valedictorian. Following this, he worked as an academic at the Fiji National University and as a general dentist in private practice.


He then moved to Dunedin and undertook a three-year full-time specialist postgraduate orthodontic training, graduating with a Doctorate in Clinical Dentistry from the University of Otago.


Reggie’s passion for orthodontics stems from his desire to improve the dental health and quality of life of patients and says that seeing the impact improving smiles has on patients makes it a truly rewarding career.  He focuses on honing the skills from his doctorate training to deliver clinical excellence through an evidence-based practice which is up to date with current literature and techniques.


Outside work, Reggie loves the outdoors, is a sports fanatic, car and motorcycle enthusiast, loves music and enjoys spending time with his wife, friends and family.



Jess officially joined the WOC family in June, 2013. Being a busy mother of three girls has definitely allowed Jess to develop her fantastic organisational and people skills, as well as her exemplary efficiency and quick-learning nature. As experienced by every one that steps into the WOC, Jess is the centre piece that keeps the whole place running smoothly and efficiently.


As well as being the practice manager, Jess has completed her New Zealand Dental Association’s Dental Assisting course.

Jess is an asset to our WOC family and we look forward to many more years growing the WOC together and helping to create many more beautiful smiles all over the Waikato


Our Dental Assistants are imperative in assisting the orthodontist during patients’ treatments. Being a qualified dentist in her native Philippines, Joan is highly experienced in the dental field and provides optimal care when it comes to our patients.


Joan joined our team in 2015 and has experience in both the administration and clinical side of orthodontics which makes her a perfect fit four our team.


Joan has two wonderful children to keep her busy on her time off.

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Alisha (1).jpg


Alisha has just recently joined the WOC team. She brings lots of positivity to the team with a passion for helping others.

Alisha comes with years of experience in dental assisting, she is highly motivated, a keen fast learner and committed to working as a positive team member.

Alisha enjoys spending her free time with family and friends.


Ellie is the newest recruit to the WOC team. She brings lots of enthusiasm to the team and always has a smile on her face.

Ellie comes with years of experience as a receptionist and assistant and we look forward to Ellie becoming a valuable member of the WOC family.

Ellie’s keen sense of adventure sees her enjoying many outdoor pursuits, while spending time with her family and friends.

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Orthodontic consultation

Want to find out if orthodontic treatment is right for you? Book an orthodontic consultation with the friendly team at Waikato Orthdontic Centre today.

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