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Our Treatments

At Waikato Orthodontics Centre we use several different types of appliances to straighten teeth - These braces range from the traditional metal braces, to Invisalign Clear Aligners, to hidden lingual (at the back of the teeth) braces. We’ll recommend the best type of braces for your teeth at your orthodontic consultation but here’s a guide to the different types we have available.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners offer an alternative to traditional braces, especially for older teenagers and adults who wants that great smile, without the need to wear braces.

Fixed Appliances (braces)

Fixed appliances is the fancy name for “braces”. Braces have definitely come a long way over the years. There are now literally hundreds of different types of brackets (the part stuck on the teeth) that come in all shapes, forms and sizes

blue braces.jpeg
Functional Appliances

These are appliances which aim to correct skeletal (jaw) discrepancies/mismatch between the upper and lower jaws.

Removable Appliances

These are simple plates which can help to correct minor issues in younger children.


Temporary Anchorage Devices are small, screw-like dental implants made of a titanium alloy. As the name implies, they're temporary — they usually remain in place during some months of treatment, and then they are removed.


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